Truth is a search, not a faith. It is a question, a quest.

Below you’ll find details of upcoming retreats around the world. 



Available online via Zoom for the first time: June 12-18th 2020

An OSHO meditative therapy process, done as an individual in a group. The meditative therapy process is unique, you are the patient and the therapist – so no outside interference.

The process lasts 7 days, for 2 hours each day. One hour of Gibberish followed by one hour in silence. No experience necessary.

Release blocked energies, clean your mind & deepen your silence. Let go old conditioning &  behaviour – go into the unknown with clarity.

12th -18th June 2020
Daily 5-7 pm Indian Time, 1330
-1530 Central Europe 

Contribution: $85 USD, €75, 6,300 INR

Shamanic Retreats

At Gaia Tree Center we host transformational shamanic retreats all year round. If you’d like to connect with mother nature deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, we welcome you to come on a powerful healing journey to re-connect with yourself and Gaia.
We offer an 8 day and a 10 day intensive process, complete with supported integration practices to allow you to embody and ground your experience in the best possible way. 

At Gaia Tree in Peru we have been supporting deep, long lasting shamanic healing processes since 2016 with our dedicated team of care givers and experienced facilitators.

You can find more details on the website, for private retreats, please contact us directly.

Due to COVID restrictions around the world, we are currently closed.
We hope to welcome you once the restrictions are lifted.

Himalayan Odyssey

An epic 21 day meditative journey of culture, nature and awakening. Meeting Mother India in a unique, non-touristy way, with a special group guided by meditators and cultural experts.

We explore the Himalayas, the unique Indian culture, spend time on the banks of the River Ganges.

A doorway to the world of Indian mysticism, a life changing journey discovering the inner and outer unknowns. 

Eastern Mysticism, Himalayan peaks, Oracle ceremonies, incredible artisans, amazing cuisine, bathing in the River Ganges -a read adventure, this is a one in a lifetime journey.

Plans for a 2022 are in the making – contact us and you’ll be one of the first to know.

Past Retreats & Groups

An assortment of retreats & groups since 2012

Osho Monsoon Festival, India

Bali Meditation Group
Meditation Group, Bali
Group Retreat 2019
Jungle Retreat, Peru