The wholeness of Omkars life is expressed through his work with people – living as a social entrepreneur, 21st century monk, group and retreat leader, meditation teacher, physicist & business consultant.

Creating rapid life transformation through an integration of 21st century energy medicine, psycho-therapeutic tools and meta-physics, with Eastern inner sciences.

Transformational Coaching

Over the last 20 years Omkar has been trained and practising a range of healing and personal transformation modalities. The work I share is deeply rooted in a synthesis of these aimed at creating rapid, lasting shifts in the individual.

For the last decade living as a 21st century monk and participating and guide life changing transformation processes.

Currently this involves retreats, individual sessions and group coaching and therapies across 4 continents and 9 different countries, from South America to Asia.

Here you can find a small selection of the work being shared around the world.

Transformation group