Consciously Creating Life Change

Mentoring, Coaching, Retreats, Workshops & Meditation across the world and online.

Transformational Coaching

OSHO No Mind Online, 12-18 June 2020

About me

I am a professional mentor, coach and retreat & meditation facilitator with a deep love for people.
Sharing through a synthesis of spirit, science, psychology, a grounded approach to esoteric wisdom and a healthy dose of humour.

In essence integrating powerful inner work from the East & West to support an empowered, fulfilling life.

See how I can help you live more fully with passion & become a better version of yourself.

800 +
People supported
years experience
40 +
organised workshops, retreats & events
living life fully


Coaching processes are personalised based on your needs.

In person & online, specialising in transforming unconscious behaviours that influence our lives.
A strong focus on empowering individuals growth to live more consciously – giving you the support and tools for more conscious relationships, transforming the way we relate to ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally by resolving psycho-spiritual issues and challenges. 

Both individual and group programs.

Courses & Retreats

A range of group processes for powerful life shits- all deep, transformational and fun.

Profound personal shifts become possible when integrating a grounded, human approach to life change. The aim is to support you in coming closer to who you truly are through a range of modalities. Whether it’s through meditation, hypnosis, shamanic energy work or personal enquiry. Come to a place where you are living the best version of your life. 

Meditative therapies, shamanic retreats,
spiritual journeys. 

A Personal Process

Life shifts that make a difference

Conscious Understanding

Befriend your unconscious - bring together your heart & mind to resolve inner conflicts.

Become Authentic

Your inner jewels shine when you become mature and whole again.

LIve Empowered

Reclaim your life - Embody your core essence and create the life you dream of.



Everything that I co-created in my experience of life 🙏, was during our sessions…. more than 4 years ago?
Now I have the life I wished for, It was a long journey and definitely you were instrumental in providing me the tools to walk it through 🙏🌟❤️
Always grateful